It was chilly, windy, cloudy and yet special, heart filling and magical. Kenny planned well and with gracious execution from each of their families, the surprise proposal on the beach went off seamlessly. Following was a surprise celebration with family and friends, rejoicing with love for Kenny & Becca.
It was a grand time at Mrs. Gorlitz's 'Dune' themed Baby Shower. Complete with aesthetic centerpieces and an abundance of gifts for baby Otto, this baby shower was truly one of kind and an absolute joy to photograph.
Maria & Curtis traveled a winding and rocky road to conceive baby Robinson. So when the announcement worked its way through the grape vine, there was nothing but never ending joy and love from the friends and family. Knowing Maria personally, I was honored to shoot this gender reveal and was screaming with joy along with everyone else.
Blake & Sydney Gorlitz had the best wedding shower in existence! Harry Potter themed to the Tee, the event was something everyone was chatting about! The wedding shower next door had jealous patrons who gushed over all the decorations.
Hireclout hosted an event to celebrate their new offices opening in Woodland Hills. It was such an inspiring evening including conversations with titans in the entrepreneur world, elegant foods and dessert along with care packages and prizes. It was one heck of a party!
Trivia Crawl was a company that hosted themed bar crawls throughout Southern California. I was hired to photograph the 'Friends' bar crawl, 'Game of Thrones' and the Santa Barbara pub crawl. I had a spectacular time documenting small to large groups of people enjoying their Saturday night to the fullest.
The Hicks' Wedding took place in a wood cabin nestled between the trees in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. The wedding was very quiet and extremely intimate. The day was full of joy, love and lots and lots of happy tears [guilty].
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